2012-02-14 // 21:49:13


2010-08-31 // 04:58:29

On my way to New York City now!
If anybody is there and has some free time, let me know! :-)

2010-08-10 // 15:14:58

Even though there will still some time pass:
I'll be in New York City from 31st of August until 15th of September.If there are any must-sees, let me know! If you are a must-meet, contact me! And if somebody has a place to stay for a couple of nights (is this an appropriate place to ask for this!?), I will try to make up for it!
Either way: Looking forward to this trip!

2010-07-31 // 12:01:01

Goodbye Hamburg. Hello Berlin.

2010-07-21 // 18:32:56

Is there anything I HAVE to see in Copenhagen or anyhting else worthwhile to know!?

2010-05-03 // 10:21:34

Good morning!
I'm leaving for Belgium and the Netherlands in a few hours. Planned stops are Ghent, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Delft. If anybody is in the mood to meet up, let me know! :-)

2010-02-09 // 10:27:54


I'm going to Thailand on Thursday.
If there's anything I should know about, let me know!
I'll try to bring back some nice polaroids for you! :-)


2009-07-27 // 17:08:33

If you happen to be in Berlin this week, check out:
»link (Papergirl 4)

I wish you all a good week!

2009-04-28 // 22:51:48

For the hot days to come:

PS: If there's is anybody out there from somewhere in Africa or if any of you know someone there, who's into Polaroids, let me know!

2009-04-15 // 22:03:49

Not polaroids, but still fun: