2013-04-23 // 09:57:37

After decades... something new...

2011-07-10 // 20:11:13

Ich war am Freitag auf der Rosenburg/NÍ bei der Premiere von "Othello" der Shakespeare-Festspiele. Auf der Premieren-Feier machte ich einige Polas von den Schauspielern. Lg, Thom

2011-06-25 // 17:01:21

Hello again!
Finally I've repaired my Big Shot.
After unreckoned ground contact the shutter was broken.
But I could fix it. A surprise for myself. ;-)
So... I've uploaded a new selfportrait (shot by my wife).

2008-06-10 // 07:41:06

Finally new Pola's.
Cheers, Thom

2007-07-30 // 14:36:29

Hello again!
I've uploaded a movie.
A now so called musicvideo, but shot in Super8 of the band "Frontal" (I'm a member). Funny to see myself so young, so...
Cheers, thom

2007-05-17 // 11:49:21

Hi there!
Part three of my project "OneMinute" uploaded.
Cheers, thom

2007-05-03 // 13:52:33

I've started a new project "OneMinute". The workaround is similar to my paintings (without the painting-process, of course).
Cheers, thom

2007-04-27 // 07:40:25

Hello again!
Just uploaded a few landscape pix with full blown apple trees.
Cheers, thom

2007-04-18 // 11:06:37

Two new b/w pix uploaded.

2007-03-15 // 10:15:09

And now for something completely different:

Round travel on the Mondsee (Austria)
with the party-ship "MS Mondsee".
Punk/Rock/New Wave/Ska Party.

With live-bands:
Farin Urlaub's ("Die ─rzte")
female guitarist Nessie Sirinoglu with her band:
and Austria's senior-punkrock-band:

Saturday, 21. 4. 2007

departure: Hafen Mondsee, 19:30
return: in the morning hours
price: EUR 14,-
(limited tickets!)
booking: e-schmid@gmx.at