2011-05-24 // 10:17:01

Fujifilm instax digital photo printer NP-1 is an useful gadget.

2010-06-20 // 14:21:50

I think that "Attack of the Killer Crystals" is a deceptive expression.
It is not caused by any external enemies.
It is a potential defect within PX film from the first.
^ potentially true
enemies from within are always mucho more dangerous than external ones..


2010-06-13 // 14:55:59

Some people said, "Save Fotorama FI-800GT and ACE films."

2008-07-01 // 03:43:46

Fujifilm has released the new models of instant camera: choco and white.


2007-07-03 // 17:17:25

Kodak instant camera EK8 was made in Germany.

2007-04-26 // 02:25:32

I have tried to use Fujifilm FI-800GT film in an old Kodak instant camera by some tricks. The results are not bad.

2007-04-18 // 16:17:01

bluecharlotte, are you an entomologist? I want to see your photos of bugs!
However I look for (or make) a suitable camera from now on. If I give up the idea, I will present them to you and your bugs.

2007-04-18 // 15:35:40

I have got 5 packs of Polaroid 339 film expired for 100 yen, but no camera workable with them.

2007-04-06 // 18:16:13

Photographing flowers is only fun of the season.

2006-12-31 // 16:08:52

Akemashite omedetau gozaimasu. 2007-1-1