2009-10-19 // 23:49:11

Lucky day
Today was a lucky Pola day for me. Scored four packs of Spectra film - two ten packs and two twelve packs, all for 6, that's about $10. Bit of a result.

2007-05-31 // 21:54:07

Seven new portraits today - all of Jesters. All these people were competing to be the Fool of Mucaster for 2007.
All the pics were taken on a Big Shot with Polapan Pro 100 film, and only two of the flashes failed! Not bad all things considered.
Hope you like.

2007-01-03 // 22:42:04

Finally got the Polaroid Digital Palette CI 5000S working! Now I can get on with all those projects I've been putting off for so long ...

If you don't know, it's similar to a Daylab, but plugs into your PC and can print to 35mm film as well as Polaroid pack film (there are also accessories for 120 film and Polaroid 4x5 sheets too, but I don't have them ... yet!)

Oh and it dates from the early 90s and works in DOS, Win 95/98.

And I love it ... use your digital camera and produce Polaroid art; what could be better?