2008-07-09 // 01:38:42

I was thrilled to see my little 4 year old camera fiend gracing the front page of Polanoid.net for shot of the day! What a treat it was... even if a little sad to realize that he'll never get to grow up knowing the thrill of watching a Polaroid develop. Thanks to those who voted and fav'd!

2008-03-08 // 04:06:20

Fujifilm is NOT interested in reviving Polaroid technologies. :-(


2008-02-13 // 20:41:34

I started an ipetition to beg Fujifilm or any other manufacturer of film types to pick up the production of Polaroid instant film types. Sign it, please!!!


2007-03-20 // 14:32:45

Happy Birthday, LiA!

2007-01-01 // 22:36:10

Happy New Year to All! What a great surprise to find my beautiful model gracing the front page today in my humble shot... on New Year's Day no less. Thanks to everyone who keeps this site going and to those who participate to keep the art of Polaroid alive.

2006-12-01 // 04:45:40

What a surprise to see my shot of Lake Superior, one of the most beautiful places in the world, on Polanoid today! I feel lucky to have found this site and love the experimental nature of the community. A great big thanks to those who keep this site running.

2006-10-31 // 03:57:02

Wow! What an honor and a surprise to be chosen for shot of the day! Thanks very much! I am new here, but I know I'm going to grow to love the experimental nature of this community. And, oh, the model (who goes by filledesetoiles on deviantART) makes it easy to take a good photo. ;-) Factor in the Time-Zero...