2008-04-21 // 15:34:47

Thanks to everyone who voted for my weathered domes, and left such a thoughtful bunch of comments. I'm dead chuffed.

Next time: INSIDE the domes. OOOOoooohh...

2008-03-05 // 20:09:34

I decided to get up at 6am to take some beach photos the other day, with average-at-best results I'm sure you'll agree.

Also, for your listening pleasure head on over to nin.com (»link) where their new album is available for download - 36 tracks for 5 USD (and you can download the first 9 for free).
It's bloody great stuff.

2008-02-17 // 23:57:35

Update from the UK high street - 600 film is already disappearing.
Argos were one of the most dependable stockists, but they've dropped all analogue photo kit from their latest catalogue.

At least the ever-reliable Asda are cheerfully selling both single and twin packs (the latter for a very reasonable 16, as mentioned here before). As long as people are buying it, I suppose they'll have an incentive to stock it for as long as possible...

2007-11-11 // 00:12:41

It's even possible that some might not be in bathrooms.

2007-11-09 // 18:17:05

Oh double balls, I just saw Mr Forge had the same idea. There really are no original thoughts.

Guess we'll just have to share the prize then.

2007-11-09 // 18:03:55

If the rules are going to be relaxed, I think I have a strong chance of success with my 0 submissions.

Ingenious, no?

2007-05-22 // 11:51:59

Ok, following the BMM fiasco I was still on the hunt for a good 600 film supplier. Happily I found this guy:


He sells 2x10 packs individually on Ebay, but I'd recommend contacting him directly if you want more - you'll get a good deal. I paid 26.55 UKP for 4x10 packs, delivered from Hong Kong in a week. Not bad...

2007-05-16 // 12:46:52

BMM is posting pics again? Unbelievable...

2007-05-02 // 13:23:53

Really? That's not what I heard about jail at all... ;-)

2007-05-02 // 12:20:10

re. blackmagicman / mozart2aesop - yes, I appear to have been scammed by one of his Ebay auctions too.

What's particularly galling is that I made contact with him here first, but he was just as happy to cheat me as he would any Ebay stranger.

He's not selling anything now - guess he decided to just take the money and run. Several hundred dollars worth, judging by the number of people complaining on his feedback...

Guess he's more interested in wasting the film on his 'art' than sending it to people who have paid good money for it.