2019-10-23 // 17:57:51

My, six years since I was last here...
When is One Instant Pack Film going to appear in the film-type list? Got my kickstarter edition pack today, it is a thing of beauty!

2013-10-22 // 15:06:16

Hej guys! Bejaysus!

I was stumbling through a rainy forest yesterday banging my head off the trees... "nobody gives a fuck anymore...... nobody gives a fuck any more.... nobody...." and I poke my nose in here today and all you old farts still care about things! I'm back. (I just got a welcome email from webmeister,doc and andi, they live on)

I've got 5 packs of dodgy choco, some 665 and one pack of SX-70 and some choice cameras.

Polanoid is a special place with great virtual and real people, I've missed it. Keep the faith 'noiders.

Now bring on the abuse Esther..... :-)