2006-11-12 // 04:29:30

i've seen many people that list 778 film for their pics. do they still make it? what is the difference between that & regular (unmanipulatable) sx-70 film? and finally, is there any chance unsaleable will carry it again?

2006-09-20 // 05:38:06

i have been wanting a polaroid propack camera for a while. i finally buy one on ebay and the seller did not make it known to me that there is battery acid and the corroded batteries in the flash pack. is the camera fixable? has this happened to anyone else?

2006-09-18 // 07:05:49

umm. somebody please tell me how to edit the information on a picture. on the latin bird road cafe picture, i shot it with my spectra 1200FF and not the oneultra. help!