2012-07-24 // 01:07:02


2012-02-15 // 10:52:55

HA! The next step in an(other) infinite series of steps is taken! Projekt Infinitwooo moves on!

2012-01-13 // 21:18:56

Finally! The first two contributions to infinitwooo! Thank you Orezemit and Noidmaster Noah! Things are moving again!

2011-12-02 // 10:11:30

i noticed that (as so far) only "the usual suspects" have signed up to the infinitwoo project (which is wonderful..but). i would love to see some of the new members here joining and carrying the torch a little bit further. The Project is free ( apart from the postage) ..you get a polaroid from someone wonderful, (or at least..interesting..and sometimes you even get a letter with foreign stamps on it..) and itīs just fun. Itīs a first step into a larger world.... ( ok.. i need some coffee first..) please take a look, and think about it.

2011-12-01 // 16:04:38

first infinitwoo picture is on itīs way to noidmaster noah in wonderful vienna. letīs see how fast airmail is.
g. ..i guess you have to check this with orezemit, first. :-)

2011-12-01 // 10:37:47

Hi Lia..and everybody else..maybe you would like to join INFINITWOO, as long as infinity is stuck somewhere. :-)

2011-11-30 // 16:22:18

ok. here i am. infinitwoo. anyone interested in joining a hopefully infinity series of polaroid-in-polaroid pictures - just write me a notice.