2008-05-29 // 22:43:58

a polaroid show in chicago excepting submissions now

2007-09-06 // 10:19:17

it is 3 in the morning here got back from spending a month in LA my bones are aching but have found time to update on some nice expired 600 2002 polaroids from my trip.

2007-09-01 // 13:36:50

any thoughts or suggestions? would like to have some from great people as yourselfs before i publish.not sure about the name quite yet though.

2007-07-23 // 07:06:02

im heading out the LA on friday and ill be there for a month,and wanted to start a project while im there hopefully with other polaroiders,or at least get some helpful advice that might help me figure out the direction i want to take this project? anything will be helpful

2007-04-24 // 08:04:47

i just posted my last photos for awhile, when i get back i will have polaroids posted from a weeks bike ride i will be taking in may.

2007-04-01 // 11:18:00

so i got my sx-70 tattoo on my arm it looks pretty niffty so i though i would share »link

2007-03-31 // 05:44:15

I have been quite on this site for a couple of years and im ready to come out of my shell.i have some polaroids up to be seen.