2007-01-08 // 14:57:05

HELP!! my holgaroids all turn out black! What am i doing wrong? I've been following the instrucions on polaroid.com and I do remove the lightproof paper and the lenscap, what do you guys think??

2006-05-21 // 02:20:20

Oh yeah, this was great!! Still hardly believe Lordi won :D

2006-04-10 // 18:24:28

┤Clean┤ asses indeed...

But after days of pining and waisting away, my prized LC-A pharaoh edition is finally here! The customs has held it hostage for 6 days and made me pay +100 euro tax on it. But pretty it iz....

I'll be spending easter taking dirty pics of myself so I can look at all those asses again ;->

2006-02-28 // 01:12:25

˙ I'm trying out the pola-faves feature right now! How many can we have? 5?
^ try it!