2010-07-13 // 00:35:56

let's be friends.

2010-07-08 // 23:44:30

ITS HERE. AND ITS MAGNIFICENT. and suck it, grammar.

2010-07-07 // 11:00:54


the scanner lead to me realize I hadn't really been shooting anything for like 4 or 5 years. weak. i'm gonna have to blitz some shit. and continue scanning.

haha its 2:00am. insomnia FTW. and gimp, what would i do without gimp.

2010-05-19 // 06:02:53 (private)

i need to scan a LOT of stuff.

blap, atm i'm using an sx70 model 1, an sx70 Sonar, a bumbling Automatic 100, and whatever film I can get.

i've got a 110b pack conversion on the way, and that was what finally brought me to polanoid.

that, and i've been lazy.