2010-11-01 // 23:41:06

Bought three boxes of PX600UV and not happy ...out of the two boxes used...only 4 are usable, 3 are so underexposed and seven didn't come out at all.. The ones that I took outside were totally blank and the ones I have upload here are [just] okay.

2010-10-17 // 20:29:51

Just bought a Polaroid 636 from a Jumble Sale for 1... bargain. I have a good selection of [instants] I just want a Spectra now.

2010-10-17 // 01:40:36

been given a Polaroid i-Zone and a pack of film as a gift (or unwanted e-bay purchase). i't alright, does it job and the snaps are so tiny...

2010-09-08 // 22:26:03

Just bought the 300 Polaroid instant camera this afternoon from Manchester together with two boxes of 300 film...I've been playing out with the snapper and loved evr'y minute of it.

2010-08-08 // 23:15:33

I have a space for five A2 reprint Polaroids at a graffiti/street art exhibition called [Start From Scratch]. The show opens in September runs for a week and I'll be able to sell some reprints. The gallery owner wants a selection of my Lucien Fellowes-RoadSide Markings project. Huzzah!

2010-08-11 // 14:54:55

So T.I.P. have brought out a new colour version of their film range, this time only available for the SX-70. They came as a triple deal and there is a FunComp and a way to upload your Pix.

Excited isn't the word and I just can't wait to receive my little package from them when I eventually sort out a little glitch that I am having.

01-08-10 02:00
My order is placed and I am now on tenter-hooks for the eventual delivery of the triple pack colour PX'ers.

11-08-10 13:54
The new colour shade has been delivered by UPS

2010-07-23 // 20:30:41

I finally bought the new PX600Vo6 strand of [the impossible project] polaroid-esque film..I splashed out on three pack and got my silica gel pack, a postcard and the exhibition paper-thing.

I have put up the first eight shots that I have taken and I'm only happy with one of them...the Launderette Shot [8th attempt]. The temp was around the 18*C mark and in full daylight and the sky wasn't overcast. I used the One Flash and had taken the 600 series of cartridge. The camera was clean and is in full working order.

It pains me to say that at least 90 percent of the PX600FF snaps that are on this website are now beyond use and are either full of the damp/crystalline patterns are either faded or have large areas of burnt orange splodges covering the pictures...I am just glad that I have them on here so that I can print them out on photographic paper, chop them up and have semi-polaroid photographs like I used to.

It is fine now that the Project people are giving away free the silica gel packs and telling us all to slice the back of the photographs and basically having us experiment until they get the right process working...I am just hoping now that the problems are now solved.

2010-07-18 // 21:57:39

Had a delivery of two packs of ten year old Polaroids that contain three cartridges...they were quite cheap hence the rush purchase. The outcome of the snaps are very faded in a rusty-orangy vein. I need to use colour restoration to see the details but hopefully they will suffice for my Lucien Fellowes project. I have uploaded the same photograph with and without colour restoration...I don't think it's cheating using the scanner tool because I want to see the true picture that would be available if the company still made the films and not allowed the wild west to take over and sell us out-of-date film.

2010-07-16 // 16:50:43

just bought a boxed un-used SX-70 Land Camera from a thrift store for a 1-...loaded my film and it works...huzzah.

there are one of three cameras that I'm thinking of buying, the Holgaroid (uses Type 100 film) - 130 from the Impossible Project, a Macro5-SLR (uses Spectra film) or a Polaroid Blitz Wide Angle (uses Spectra Film) - 38 PPP) both from eBay. I want to change that format of prints that I am producing. I DO like the dimension of the 100 and the 600 polaroid I produce but the Spectra film is a little different and will add a change of direction.

2010-05-28 // 21:27:23 (private)

After buying more colour 600 film from ebay, and I know the manufacturing work has stopped, I still receive five year old polaroids.

I am stuck now using the PX100 [600] FF films because even though I've bought from another company, the package come from the same company...faded photos...still.