2010-07-25 // 10:18:40

Hi polanoids,

I have just received my order of PX and TZ.

The first pack of PX loaded in my SX70: Dark slides comes out, first pola comes out, second doesn't come out of the camera. I loaded another pack in my second camera (SX70 SONAR) same problem: dark slide comes out, forst pola comes out and then, camera takes the picture makes the sound of ejecting the frame, but nothing happens......

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Kind regards


2010-06-11 // 22:01:57


A few weeks ago, I posted a message about the leakage on the sides of the film, and that I believed it was a ordinary Q problem. Some of the community here tried to make me look like a fool. How was it possible that I didn't love the 'swammerl' or how it is called.

Well: Wy don't you love the orange killer christals, just as you love the other Q problem of the film?

Try to use this effect in the result of your photo's, incorporate it in the composition. And don't wurry about the dissapearing of your pictures, 99% of them is probably not worth looking at...:-)

BUT there is a solution. If you want clear good developed and well exposed pola's,....... Get yourself a Fuji Instax camera and load it with Instax film.... A Instax camera brandnew kost 70€ and a pack of 20!!! shots cost 19€!!!!!

I have a suggestion for The Impossible team: Wy don't you change scope and try to make the PX film as a film with easy to separate emulsion (instead of boiling the film :-), it is the emulsion lift possibilities that makes me like the PX. (and the TZ)

Apart from that, I don't have a problem if my PX images get infected by the orange 'thing' Soon as I like the result during the developement phase, or I lift the emulsion and transfer it to paper, or I scan it and give the image a fair amount of photoshop. Because, fair is fair, the old TZ film's contrast is so bad that only a bit of PS can make something out of it... :-)

2010-05-01 // 21:35:32

Apart from the fact that IP is a great project, it is bussines and commerce....

It is great to see that IP is taken his customers serious, and that the problem is recognized as a technical matter and not an odditie of the material.

2010-04-27 // 07:35:16

@CDR, I agree with you. To have a refund you should send back the defective material.

I think there is a difference between accepting and use the oddities of the material and accepting blunt quality issues. (As I said, I think it is a simple mechanical Q problem with the sealings on the side of the film)

But hey, be happy!!


2010-04-26 // 23:22:21

I think there is another reason why the top triangle doesn’t get filled with chemo.

The side of the polas get loose, and chemo is spilled before it reaches the top of the pola. It is a quality problem.

I spent almost 200€ and all film packs suffer this problem, I should expect some discount on a next purchase. (And this expectation is very reasonable, normally only a refund or replacement of the film would be acceptable)