2007-01-03 // 21:11:57

Ok guys i cut all the fat will up load soon! i kept most od d's favorites and ya'lls lucky he likes mah shit or else i'd have like 4 pictures here! ok till i LOAD IT UP!!!

2006-11-15 // 17:13:25

jen is about to be on a plane to japan... makes me sad... might mean i need to actually be creative now...

2006-10-31 // 23:38:49

AHHHH! New Halloween Pictures Taken!!!! they are AMAZING!!!!!

2006-10-03 // 17:51:15

ugh... i'm running out of film...

2006-07-26 // 00:22:34

Started using my holgaroid... pics to come!

2006-06-28 // 17:16:11

I reciently Just fell in love... With my new spectra!!!!!!! She's the most beautiful girl in the entire world!!!