2012-09-03 // 00:15:14

thanks all the polanoid community for making it happen again, this is very much appreciated

2011-01-31 // 12:06:01 (private)

it might be of interest:

2010-09-17 // 09:29:11

a small message to thank all the polanoid community for today's SotD - I am really grateful - thanks again!

2010-04-22 // 16:36:02

nice pdf magazine exploring integral film »link (hopefully not posted yet ...)

2010-01-12 // 13:33:55 (private)

getting more and more polanoid ... after the upload of some old pictures taken mainly during previous trips, and the new ones made in brussels (at the beginning of january), I guess that I will need to focus on the ones that I will be able to take only here in madrid

2010-01-02 // 23:05:34

mattydk: thanks for your post and your advice. I wanted to remain in the sx-70 / 600 film format, but I guess that these films and related cameras are more limited (that's why I was trying to find a nightcam). photos found are great but I am not sure that I can afford another format ... feedback very much appreciated in any case

2010-01-02 // 19:22:27

hi, I'm trying to find a polaroid nightcam but I guess that is pretty difficult ..., any idea on where I can inquiry for it? in any case, and meanwhile, could anyone advise me of the best combination of camera and film to shoot at night? many thanks!

2009-12-29 // 15:29:51 (private)

getting started in polanoid ...!