2007-11-29 // 16:38:37

I can't delete my sotd? :(

2007-04-15 // 22:18:19

i'm getting a polaback to my mamiya! i'm so excited.

2007-01-18 // 15:50:29

I'm out of polaroid film until the beginning of March. :(.
Though I might crack down and buy some, I really shouldn't. Not yet.

2007-01-12 // 17:00:30

I gave back the borrowed camera. She was excited to have it back! I borrowed it for far too long, seeing the fact I don't even go to that school anymore. Visiting my old high school was hard. The admins are scary.

2006-12-24 // 22:26:04

I finally own my own pola camera. :D

2006-12-22 // 00:30:44

A new polaroid camera is going to arrive in my mail box soon!
I don't have to use the borrowed onestep600 anymore. :D