2008-06-10 // 16:13:15

Got the email too...interesting!

2008-05-22 // 14:25:38

Jamie Livingston: One polaroid a day for 18 years:


2008-05-20 // 01:26:31

Frederic, unplug your keyboard, plug the scanner instead!!!


2008-05-16 // 01:22:33

I wasn't around for awhile, Frederic man, you are complicated...i don't know you but from the little i read here and there, you talk too much...

2008-05-16 // 00:59:29

I agree with Zveliakine, we need to be able to organise properly our gallery!And in a way a forum is also organising the discussion that take place on the newsfeed (if they ever happen there)...

2008-05-16 // 00:00:33

Yes very nice link, i would love to see that!!

2008-05-13 // 22:45:49

Thanks Loosetooth!! Looking forward having a forum here! If you ever need help to admin the forum i'm here:)!

2008-05-13 // 18:44:16

Hahaha that would make a great x-project yes:)!! Anytime Mme.x ;) !!!

2008-05-13 // 18:03:45

Ok, you got me, i admit it, i'm jealous of you supersize banana split:)!!! When a "split contest" then ;)?!,!
^ hey!
"banana split", "peach melba", "knickerbocker glory"... sounds like the purrfect ingredients for a future X-project!
I think you should have a serious word with mme.X


2008-05-13 // 17:41:07

No tirade of haine against you Webbo, just honest tought...i still like the website and still have big respect for what you guys archieved....great to see a forum is on the way :) !!!
^ stop making lame excuses, cyril
I know that you're jealous of my banana split
come on, admit it..