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2009-03-30 // 11:11:52

If you like my Polaroid SX-70s here & would like to see more of my photography & paintings please goto my visual artist page on Facebook; Thanx, ED ;)

2009-03-01 // 16:17:16

I like the people who pay tribute to our great imagery but the copycats can kiss my ass!
& Emilie79 is hot too! ;)

2009-02-11 // 09:34:17

What is the determination factor(s) for letting my image(s) stay in the regular Polaroid section even though i want it in X-posed too. For example, i uploaded images as usual to the Polaroid section & added them to X-posed also when prompted. I later got a message from somebody ( i don't remember who or how i got the message because i'm new here) saying that some of the images belonged in X-posed (which they were already also). At first i thought they were telling me that the images could not be in the regular Polaroid section because they were nude; so i deleted them from that section & they remained in the X-posed section. Now i was browsing images & find other people have nudes in the regular Polaroid section & my nudes are now only in the X-posed section. I wanna have my images in both sections like i originally uploaded them to be. What is the "rule" for determining where nude pictures can be? I see them in both sections. Is there a criteria/cut-off on content shown for the regular Polaroid section? Please let me know.
PS: Can the Webmeister dude put them back for me if i copy the codes on the bottom of the pages so i don't have to re-caption & tag each one? Where do i send the codes if this is possible?
^ rule of thumb is:
if my children (at the time of writing:7,9,11 years) and the doc's motha-in-law (n/a) can look at your pix without suffering damage of their souls, then nude pix are ok also for the "normal" section.

some titties somewhere on the pix are ok, erect dicks in close-up are not ok.
a bit of common sense should tell you what is ok and what not.
just keep in mind that also minors are members of polanoid.net


hope so!

(and unharmed kiddie's souls)



2009-02-11 // 09:47:41

Polanoid.Net is the first place i have found that i can put ANY (Polaroid) IMAGE on & not be censored :D It's awesome being accepted, appreciated, admired & humbled here by you! Thank You, ED
PS: Keep shooting & people will keep cumming & cumming, again & again, like multiple orgasms; some of your images make me so horny i... ;-P