2010-10-09 // 13:17:44

Having a scanner calibration meltdown. You can never have too much fun :-(

2010-01-06 // 18:17:47

"Lady Gaga Named Creative Director for Specialty Line of Polaroid Imaging Products" - apparently. . .
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2010-07-16 // 18:23:51 (private)

The SotD cheating is so disappointing. Multiple accounts to vote for yourself? How sad is that? C'mon whoever you are - Polanoid is such an inspiring place - let's keep it that way.

2010-07-16 // 18:24:14 (private)

@ rodeo... I agree. On this site I'm interested in the unique original artefact, with all its imperfections, not a digital imitation of it, however skillful or beautiful. Keep it real, or at least as close to 'real' as the digital environment allows. As I said yesterday in discussion in another place, 'Poladroid' mimics (or attempts to mimic) the superficial appearance of the original artefact whilst at the same time completely dispensing with the essential heart and soul of it.