2008-09-06 // 16:58:38

Picked up a pack of 600 film. The price of it has gone up, unfortunately. Also finished off the last of my expired Studio 125i film twin packs. About to 'tear' into my twin packs of ID-UV (also expired). Also eyeballing a couple of Polaroid Land 250 models on eBay. Found a bunch of family Polaroids, including a couple of me as a kid.

Now to decide just where I want to go to take Polaroids. To that 'secret' garden I mentioned before? To find the little mangrove off a spit of land near a fishing pier/boat launch? One of the various local parks? It's hard deciding just where to go.

2008-07-13 // 23:54:53

I went downtown today and heard a man singing. There was passion in his song and passion in his playing as he strummed the guitar fiercely with a lover's fervor. He should have been given a record deal, not told to get off the street by a security guard. I took his picture while he was in the throes of passion, singing and strumming, then moving along.

I also found a secret garden between two stores. I'll go back when the light is better and the clouds are no more. In the meantime, I shoot pictures of the sky from the sunroof in my car at stop signs and redlights. People must think I'm strange to always be looking up like a bird ready to take flight rather than looking forward, rushing the world by.