2007-04-05 // 05:44:48

Anyone know of an online repository for Polaroid trivia like "a SX-70 Model 2 was shown/used in I ♥ Huckabees" or "at 00:23 in the video for Amy Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good' a Polaroid photo is shown with the picture on the wrong side." etc. etc.?

2006-10-27 // 03:14:48

Congratulations, unsaleable. This is awesome.

2006-08-17 // 04:25:44

I live a charmed life.

I just got over a birthday party that lasted weeks instead of days. I'm slightly buzzed. I play drums for the greatest band in the world. I lucked into a fully functional SX-70 with case for cheap. I was just offered another Polaroid camera I'm mildly obsessed with for cheap. Now, I get SOTD with a photo I took strictly for my own enjoyment.

Thank you, if you voted for it. Thank you, even if you didn't vote for it, but enjoyed it even a little. We're simpatico.

It's all copacetic.

2006-07-06 // 05:18:10

"Art" = sheep shears

2006-04-25 // 05:44:03

examples of the filters in use:

2006-04-25 // 04:18:29

Photos of filters on a SX-70 and some thoughts on them:

2006-04-20 // 01:37:43

A threaded filter that can be forced to fit a SX-70 works great, but must be removed to fold the camera. The official Polaroid filter allows the camera to fold, but is hard to remove. Some guy on that auction site recommends involving some magnets which makes sense. I prefer the official filter. It works well and won't bust the camera if left on.

2006-04-05 // 06:41:43

Snow White by Donald Barthelme
excerpt: »link

2006-03-16 // 04:46:54

I vote that from now on "pissed" only mean "drunk" and that "pissed off" be replaced with "furious" or "shaking my tiny fists in rage".

2006-03-12 // 21:30:52

I can't find my microscope and don't have a SX-70 (yet), so I'm hoping that someone else will pick up the SX-70 microscope adapters I keep seeing online and take some photos.