2007-06-11 // 17:40:17

soon a polaroidseries of mine will be showed within the machtmalstille. exhibition in berlin at the phb-club from 24.6. till 15.7.

for more information visit: »link

greets milch

2007-02-25 // 19:29:25

ho webbo
currently it's not possible for me to upload some pola'S ... one is a bit bigger than standard format 'cause i framed zwo polaroids vertical. mmh.. i will try it later. maybe it's just a temporary lag. but wanna let you know about it.

thanks and greetings

2007-01-11 // 20:10:10

happy 2007

got a new scanner and a new computer. maybe scans look a bit different from the older ones.


2006-11-13 // 12:32:02

thank you guys at unsaleable! i received that big box saturday in a well condition :)

and now.. happy as i am......... i enjoy the sx-70 fever too.
my spectra-usage will be paused for a while. *smile*

2006-10-24 // 17:49:10

roday I've bought the first electro-cd (ruxpin - elysium) in my life. and not as a gift but for me.
more and more this music inspires me. maybe cause that's really new for me and in the rock sector there is just a repeat.. not anymore something new for my ears...

electro is fine and there are really good cd/vinyldesigns...

2006-09-29 // 19:09:41

now I'm back home from my vienna trip. I've lost my words.. mmh.. I'm still upset. but it was a good time to get away from it all. to clear my mind for the next weeks and fill it with some stuff I should think about.

2006-09-21 // 13:06:58

i love nina persson ***

2006-09-14 // 17:14:28

I've designed a new private page.. since monday I've sat and drawn some graphics with a f**** wobbling mouse.

it's not finished but you can look at here:

anybody there who has a mouse too much?!

2006-08-30 // 09:22:58

scanning polaroids is so hard.. I never get the same colours and the depth. Bummer!

2006-08-20 // 23:12:56

back again from holidays..... haha