2008-05-24 // 09:46:03

my website finally online!
growing up (give time)!
Just polaroid work.
HAve a look! and if you like drop me a line!
Long live R'n'R!!

2008-03-21 // 09:51:52

Amici Italiani! la community Polanoid appare sul numero di Glamour in edicola questo mese (e con il mio faccione e le mie polas ovviamente...) Festeggio con un brindisi virtuale!
Polanoid Community and my works published in the april's number of Glamour Magazine (italian edition). Happy to celebrate with a vitual drink.

2008-02-29 // 23:05:24

I decided to upload some polaroids I didn't consider as "nice shots" but I think that maybe interesting for people who dream to come to see my country as well as I would love to see their ones. Hope someone of you may have the same fun I had lookin' to your pictures coming all around our beatyfull world!!

2008-02-29 // 13:12:01

I'm uploading some old shots from my archives... and happy to have all of you as visitors

2008-01-30 // 20:29:58

Hello everybody @ polanoid! I'm happy (and of course proud) to present you all my last project. I'm happy to do it because it took some time to think and now it's real. Maybe not so easy to enjoy it from your displays as from real, but try to give it a look whitout have an headache! Remember to read the INSTRUCTIONS in the description section... Hope you enjoy it as much as I love it!!!

2008-01-22 // 21:15:12

new uploads...

2008-01-21 // 22:23:57

Hello everybody! After long years of absence I'm finally back. New rising creative forces are leading me through new projects! I'm happy to dedicate again to polaroid with new sessions, new inspirations and old ideas too long left in a drawer... First incoming project shared with goanimal is a photosession inside an old house frozen in time!

2007-03-12 // 21:05:18

Dear Polanoiders after one year of very hard working my new home is finally ready! So I'm proud to say I'm moving! I will not be on line for at least 2 weeks :-(
Hoping to survive I wish everybody to have nice time. see ya!!!!

2006-04-30 // 17:21:13

Hi everybody... I'm having one vacation day forward so I think I will upload some old polas from my collection waiting for my first sx 70 camera and sx 70 film from unsealable.com. Then I'll be back on the streets for brand new shots ! :-] have nice time

2006-04-07 // 23:29:02

somebody gives me news 'bout the opening! upload! help me! I'm really going crazy!