2016-08-23 // 16:29:50

no idea who these supersense guys are and what they are up to, but €10 per pack sounds like a hardtorefuse offer..

2016-07-04 // 12:05:17

any dinosaur brains out there?
able to tell us who did these wondaful silvershade pioneer shots back in the days?
the pix were used for the impossible press conference 2010
world fame for the creators is waiting once more!

2016-06-06 // 14:25:30

new project online!
*njam njam*

2016-05-10 // 18:49:01

due to lazyness on both sides (yes, one is YOU)
project extended till the end of may

Webbo (the otha lazy side)

2016-04-06 // 14:18:58

helö folx,
a new euphonious project is online - big congrats to the winners of the smelly one!

lotsa sensual love

2016-03-03 // 10:50:41

when clicking through the latest uploads (in awe) I found myself wondering which films exactly were used for these wondaful pix.
I added the current Impossible films for 600 (including 3.0 beta), SX-70 and 8x10 to the film dropdown now.
if you got requests for more, just let me know.

happy to seeya all again!

2016-02-29 // 18:32:45

helloe folx,
good news: I'm back
bad news: even lazier than 4 years ago
... (even) more eggziting revelations tomorrow

2014-11-06 // 22:45:23

it's been quite some time that I (ab-)used this lovely place for shameless unsolicited advertising..

..just felt like the right moment again ;-)


2013-01-28 // 11:37:05

I enjoyed an offline-weekend without email and only heard about the problem this morning.
why the höll did nobody inform me by sms?
again - for the records:
in case of major problems with the site ("site is down" - not "the spatzi of the last guy trying to get into xposed is too tiny"), please tell me about it.
+43 69918994468


2012-04-04 // 11:55:18

tatuuuee tataaaa!
popoklesch-commando is on its way!

tatueeeee tataaaaa
^ zvevi, can you please drop me a note which ones on tumblr are your *private* ones?

(..so I can try to find the black sheep among your bossom buddies)