2021-12-03 // 20:22:10

yes ; )

2021-11-13 // 01:36:30

Ah ah ah ... Almost the same things to parahanga

After almost 10 years... A sotd coming out of the blue, digging his way out of the grave!!! A walking Shot Of The Dead.
I'm still happy to belong to this community!

Should I upload again?!

2021-11-04 // 05:04:27

S.O.T.D. - 12 years after I uploaded the picture? I miss this community. thanks for all people who voted for me so long ago, this photo has a special place in my heart.

2021-08-31 // 16:34:23

Selling one of my polaroid 8 x 10 land film holders.

if anyone is interested please email me.


2021-06-19 // 07:57:37

just have opend a new insta account to present my old (and some new) polaroids... hopefully that motivates me, taking new instant pics again and also to feed polanoid with new pictures... that's the plan! ;-)

2021-05-12 // 13:53:49

Hi there! It's been a while...I miss the old Polanoid a lot.

Thank you for the unexpected Sotd, hope you're all doing well. Ciao!

2021-04-04 // 01:28:28

Wow sotd all these years later! Thatís crazy... I miss this place. I miss the community we used to have... honestly I have a photography career due to the people I met here, and the support... polanoid will always have a special place in my heart. Even if itís somewhat bittersweet winning sotd all these years later, meaning no one is posting new work here, itís good to have a reminder of all of the love!

2021-01-12 // 02:14:30

13 years later and my pic gets SotD...
Thanks all ya pOlanOid peOple.
ohhh hOw I miss those naked French girls ;-)

2021-01-08 // 09:03:36

Love long Shots SoTD#
Cheers everybody and take care

2021-01-07 // 15:12:23

indeed it had snowed here, so this sotd was a good surprise. i made this image ten years ago, proposed the idea, and rudis had been brave enough to act. and relax.

in this view, in this tumbling world,