carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

She is the one who told me about this site. Thank you my friend.

boluv (Tokyo, JP)

My sis.

OuroborosX (New York, US)

He has lots of amazing stuffs. That's all I know. I've never got bore from watching his works.

isayhello (Bangkok, TH)

He is my best friend brother. We are a lomographer from Thailand. Watch out for his Holgaroid!!! it's coming!

uglykid (Pakkred, TH)

His pictures always take my breath away...He is from Thailand too. Hello my big bro.

kyng (Bangkok, TH)

My professional photographer bro. He helps me a lot with many thing about photography.

hazeldooney (Sydney, AU)

She is an Australian artist. I am just begin to know her not long ago. Beleive me after you saw her work, you will really want to know more and more about her.

piotr_zastrozny (Sopot, PL)

Check out his clear as crystel polaroid, and many nice conceptual images. All hot!

thesarahshow (New York, US)

His polaroid are pretty unique!

stOOpidgErL (Detroit, US)

Just love her work!

s_sharp (Bangkok, TH)

Barramuuu (Bangkok, TH)

Crazy panorama guy

crazyj (Bangkok, TH)

Bro. who lives in LA.

7SAMURAI (Bangkok, TH)

My bro in BKK, long live forever lomo bro!!!

vodkaz (Bangkok, TH)

Young bro. in Texas?... I guess...
Very enthusiasm guy.

folkways (Bangkok, TH)

Best lomo pal.

b.terrier (Bangkok, TH)

Thai Lomographer. I met her once.

kwanz (Bangkok, TH)

Thai Lomographer

vikkies (Bangkok, TH)

Thai Lomographer

strangely (Nonthaburi, TH)

Mr. Strange, my good Lomo's friend

PodZhi (Los Angeles, US)

Thai Lomographer

nutkarb (Chiang Mai, TH)

Thai Lomographer and a great consultant

kemumaki (Nonthaburi, TH)

Old school Thai Lomographer, my good friend

sosharp (Chiang Mai, TH)

Significant Thai Lomographer

channnnnnn (Bangkok, TH)

Crazy man

golfarea (Bangkok, TH)

Thai Lomographer

byaun (Nonthaburi, TH)

Thai Lomographer, my great supporter.

noto (Pakkred, TH)

NOto!!!! my lil' sis.

cyber_dolphin (Phang-nga, TH)

Thai Lomographer

thay (Bangkok, TH)

One of my good friend for life!

chaweemek (Bangkok, TH)

Skilled in many things