timide_ch (Villmergen, CH)

The one and only Babs from Switzerland. She's the one who made me fall in love with the gift of instant film. She's the real Pola Queen.

alex geng (Stuttgart, DE)

Mr Australia

viki_hae (London, GB)

Miss Hae rocks da house and makes me do weird stuff for her polaroids (and i'm lovin it)

pauleta (Feldkirch, AT)

The Subcomandante, the communist, the pornostar, the friend

DanielMitD (Zuerich, CH)

The nicest fellow from Karlsruhe with his digital Pola machine

FILIPPO (Viterbo, IT)

hologramme (Marseille, FR)

currywurst (Boeblingen, DE)

lhirondelle (Hanoi, VN)

now he seriously is some kind of polaroid god

louobedlam (Los Feliz, CA, US)

if u r lookin for great portraits with awesome texts u should visit his gallery

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

no word can describe her works

jamesm (Sydney, AU)

aelstn (Hamburg, DE)

a truely charming girl

butow (Bremen, DE)

callaveron (Aachen, DE)

sx70manipulator (, )

sx 70 manipulation at its best

Rio (Berlin, DE)

Brooks (Los Angeles, US)

I simply love his portraits on Type 55

not_different (Bochum, DE)

Mr. Porndorff

Kantine (Sankt Gallen, CH)

pimmelbude (Hamburg, DE)