Urizen (Berlin, DE)

I know you all love him. but Im the only one able to see his look just out of bed...I keep on trying to get in his family...Its a shame he is hetero. . He is someone I can rely on, chat of anything, and keep silences without feeling unconfortable or embarrased!and of course a great great phtographer!; my queridismo flatmate!! when will you all pay to know some of his personals affairs? do you know his feet are green?

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

always original, different and special!!

spitocco (, )

a genious in pola_after_effects!

artpunk (Melbourne, AU)

such a large archive!! great great original shots, some weird, some abstract, some speacial, all great, please visit him.

franck (Paris, FR)

I can see his photos again and again...

lordsuicide (Barcelona, ES)

Con su foto de chica ikeal me ha conquistado!!

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

ho ho ho !! another frikie crazy!! I look forward to meet youu

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )

intelligent people do stupid things at home... haha I love your shots, I love your sense of humour, I think well have good laughter in Vienna. Looking forward to meet you!!

VictorBCNMX (Barcelona, ES)

we are expecting more polas, buddy!!

la princese turchese (Madrid, ES)

A new frikie is here!! welcome

retina (Koeln, DE)

matman (Goeteborg, SE)

jimsnade (Muenchen, DE)

My favourite porn actor, I love his thick patata frita, WE LOVE YOU!

Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)

My favourite soft porn actress... I love your patata hervida! WE LOVE YOU!

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

FILIPPO (Viterbo, IT)

I like your lemmons

sixblueten (San Francisco, US)

another shoe fetishist

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

I'll get my pfis card soon..

the_world_is_yours (Madrid, ES)

were expecting more shots!!

Jose605 (Madrid, ES)

I like your shots a lot...

lars.blumen (Berlin, DE)

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Rebekka.Liebekind (Muenchen, DE)

you are so sexy...

reddude945 (New York City, US)

pfis pfis pfis you

Melech.Gueldenstern (Berlin, DE)

pfis.actionismus (Wien, AT)

battavia (Paris, FR)

discussion means exchange

zveliakine (***, FR)

discussion means friendship

oelklaus (Colorado Springs, US)


CecileA (Thonon-les-Bains, FR)

The best host in PAris!! Thanks a lot! We had a great time with you. See you soon

CDR (Cornwall, GB)