demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

Frank and foosball. Need I say more?

LiA (Wien, AT)

There are no words to describe her work. She's that good. And, even though I'm straight, she's also a really hot redhead! (Hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that.)

joel (Bierges, BE)

Hmm, so what shall I say about him? Actually, something about his polas draw you in and that they give you a glimpse of what attracts him: Fight Club, girls in and out of water, and other items of beauty. The cherry blossoms are my favorite.

fabric (Los Angeles, US)

I know she likes the 60s. She gives off the French New Wave Film girl feel, and Godard's still alive. Parles-tu francais?

Oh, and I didnt know this until looking at her profile, but our birthdays are three days apart.