drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

he takes amazing, amazing night shots and polaroid mo

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

very inspiring polaroid montage(anist)

demoforest (Albuquerque, US)

great geometrics and colors!

bluecitrusart (Los Angeles, US)

great documentation on her personal life and perspectives.

benrains (, )

the best lighting use ive seen!

osquibb (Midwest, US)

the polaroids so far have been amazing, great angles.

karl (Kamuela, US)

hes a cool dude and always has dream-like images

Kat.White (Sydney, AU)

revivify (Portland, OR, US)

MoxieCrimefighter (Nashville, US)

She is a ninja in her dreams. It's pretty awesome, just don't sleep next to her!

lehibou (Brooklyn, NY, US)