captaindan (Brighton, GB)

running around with his new SX-70 like an over-excited child.

lets_explode (California, US)

They live in a world of eye-popping primary colours and deceptively simple composition.

lulumae (Paris, FR)

A real photographer!

QundL (Paris, FR)

Parisian photographic collective - experts in the field of polaroid double exposures (and also the fields of food, wine, music, film, fashion... I could go on...)

Lucylovestodance (London, GB)

An eye for absolutely gorgeous landscape shots. And, erm, a commendable love of dance...

Stefano (, )

Urbane prince of portraits, chocolate film, gypsies and unholy camera/film marriages.

hollyblues (Cornwall, GB)

Innocent shopgirl from the 1960s who has somehow acquired the means to travel to 2007 and enjoy the internet, flying cars and Wispa bars.

arturo (Sevilla, ES)

eternalsunshine (Lincoln, GB)

Expert photographer of mythological beasts (inadvertantly).
And named after one of my favourite films, hooray!

innocentartistry (75010, FR)

showandtell (Portland, OR, US)

gartersnlace (London, GB)