AaronOSU (Cleveland, US)

A delightful lawyer (is that an oxymoron?) who is also a product of NorthEastern Ohio land. His wife has my same first and middle name, he makes kickass double exposures, and is generally an all around cool guy.

xamandax (Senatobia, US)

Amanda is inarguably the camera-wielding princess of Southern charm (how's that for a title?)

Fab (Milano, IT)

I remember Fab from the good ole' days back on Lomography.com. He sent me some pictures from Italy once. I still have them hanging on my wall.

kellybelly (Chicago, US)

My neighbor to the very very very near North! (umm, about 20 miles?) We both bask in the fine benefits of Chicagoland, although she has a pretty impressive mall, and I just have a lot of restaurants and upper middle class people.

dux.x (Taubate, BR)

Brazilian with a crazy good eye!

scootiepye (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

One of the most talented lomographer/photographers I've ever encountered...