Borack (Bern, CH)

...a lazy physicist without any uploads ...;)

holzroboter (Hamburg, DE)

a friendly character with a great phrasing. his pictures are like he says. "it s all about some darkness"

tip: consider the titles of his work.

Urizen (Berlin, DE)

one of the most active and wanted PFIS agents. he s got an amazing amount of uploads on this site. so, if you find somebody with more uploads i will offer you a cigarette on my balcony...

sealette (Edinburgh, GB)

sealette is not using lordly polaroid cameras. so all her pictures are a little blurred and matt, what gives them a very own character.
i very like her scenery pictures and self portraits.

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

the magic "most friendly & active clerk" of the pfis manifesto!

his pictures contain all the colors the sky probably ever had....check it out!

lars.blumen (Berlin, DE)

a master of sx 70 photography.

he is often working with concepts, doing series on certain themes. that
makes his work yet more intensive and inimitable.
he also seems to be very adept in working with colors.

in my opinion, lars is one of the very best artists on this site and i hope we can see much more of his great work for a looooooong time!!!!

Hugh Whitaker (, )

a man with a very own style and an impressive constancy. the colors of his 5x4 view camera shots decree the same constancy as the assortment of his motives.
beautiful, mystical,deep, frigid, terra-colored landscape photography.

booombooom (Hellemmes, FR)

besides taking great polaroids booombooom also listens to great music while he is drinking his pastis, searching for old polaroids (taken by his grandgrandgrandmère louise parapluie XVI) in old shoeboxes after buying his everyday baguette in the boulangerie next door .

photomass (?, )

photomass was already taking polaroids as i wasn t even born. so he is a real oldschool polaroid addict and it quiet impresses me that he still takes polaroids after all these years. i always think that life goes in phases and that i will stop to take polaroids one day. but maybe i am wrong, maybe i hope that i am wrong.
photomass seems to have argued with art a lot in his life and in a way i think that we can see that reflected in his pictures.

coso (Este, IT)

chien_andalusia (Hamburg, DE)

LiA (Wien, AT)

schnu (Hamburg, DE)