10 out of Lieselot's 20 favourite polas in random order.
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untitled (lets_explode)

happy vagina (jenni)

So funny :).
But also so stunning!
poor hot summer! (nicollaroid)

Waw, just wonderful! Absolutely stunning!
Janis and the lemon (RRRDIAZ)

Lovely pic and girl!
Getty Garage Level 4 (ickphoto)

Hey you,
I absolutely LOVE this picture, so stunning!

Greets from Belgium x
abandon (My.Iowa)

So stunning!
Gun, Germs & Golf Clubs (sixblueten)

So stunning!
Secret Life of a Clip (sixblueten)

Love it!
The beach (Soreal)

Stunning! Wish I was there!
Heather (louobedlam)

Such a stunning picture and girl!