10 out of sxyblkmn's 20 favourite polas in random order.
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Natasha is a Basque Terrorist (louobedlam)

prettiest "Terrorist" in the world :)
Snow white (Soreal)

soft focus and soft light = a great pola
waiting for something good (bluecitrusart)

doesn't matter when i see it on flickr, lj, or here, i still love this shot :)
ethnic (creakybones)

me (clarice)

love the composition
inthegrass #01 (stan.lmrvg)

she is a wonder...
inthegrass #03 (stan.lmrvg)

still wonderful
Calethia on Her Couch (louobedlam)

damn, i love her hair
This yellow morning (Soreal)

Respect before "S" woman (jonespointfilm)

homemade pola-camera = greatness