zombiebot's 7 favourite polas in random order.
oh those happy bots... (the_mboni)

Transformers doing the YMCA. Genius.
Samantha Rabbit (apocaplops)

I love rabbits, and I love the colours in this polaroid. Rabbits are my weakness!!
Max is playing. (zanone)

This kid is my hero; strictly because he's playing Zelda 64. My favorite game of all time.
cabazon dinosaurs (interspace-cadet)

because T rex is my baby's daddy.
cabazon dinosaurs (interspace-cadet)

..same reason.
Butterfly (birdclaws)

Close up dinosaurs. (rodeo)

One of the best dinosaur shots I've ever seen. The close up and blurry effect is awesome! and the bronchasaurus in the background is great.